Gazelle - About

I am a goldsmith and fashion jewelry designer.

I live on an Israeli Kibbutz, in the midst of verdant and fertile fields, and my pieces are inspired by nature, by the plants and animals around me, and the environment which surrounds me.

Many of the unique shapes, textures, patterns and colors found in my jewelry are also inspired by my love of the sea and my passion for diving, as well as other places and events that have inspired me throughout my life.

As an only child growing up in the northern Israeli town of, an area full of character and beauty, I spent my days creating, stringing, drawing and sculpting. I explored many different materials and used my love of music, fantasy and fairy tales to create jewelry made of beads, shells and polymer clay.

In high school, I studied graphic design and art, and became skilled in painting, sketching and sculpting. 

After high school, my desire to learn more about design, and my love of jewelry led me to Tel Aviv's College of Art and Design where I learned jewelry design and studied to be a goldsmith. My courses included art, design and technology combined with studies for a BA in Humanities at the Open University.

Soon after I graduated, I began designing and developing my own jewelry collection with the intention of creating affordable fashion jewelry which was comfortable and pleasant to wear.

My jewelry's natural touch is balanced by a technical-industrial style which gives the pieces an edgy, modern feel.

Artistic influences ranging from Guteka Arnobu, Gustav Klimt, Paul Cézanne, Henry Matisse, René Magerit, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Keith Herring, the surrealists and many others, can also be found in my work.

Much thought and study goes into the creation of each piece. In addition to fashioning pieces which combine modern and classic elements to create trend-setting fashionable pieces, I consider the ways in which the gemstones interact with the body to ensure that they are comfortable as well as stylish.

All of my collections are made with the highest quality materials. Many of the collections combine disparate materials such as cloth, leather, gemstones, pearls, crystals and various metals for enchanting results. This combination of materials also combines various disciplines including goldsmith work, sewing and metal work. 

I am always willing to accept challenges and design personalized pieces specially made to meet my customer's desires.

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